9 Months and still no cigar!

Well, the last post was pointing out the fact time had gotten away from us and here we are again, Groundhog Day.

It’s now October and the end of 2017 is fast approaching, the year has seemingly moved faster than normal, more than likely it’s just how busy we have been. Our major work can’t be shared in the public sphere, in time more details will be coming out.

In August in between jobs we took some time to get some stock footage to share, the result is below, we really do love the South West of WA!


Some other work from earlier in the year 🙂


How time flies!

It’s now May! Where has the year gone??

I am typing this whilst knowing I really shouldn’t be, we have that much on at the moment it’s unfathomable how such a small team are going to complete everything we have on our plates in the next few months.

Aside from the insane contract we are currently working on, we managed to get formal approval from Hillarys Boar Harbour to shoot a couple of marketing shorts for our client. After a few weeks we were the first Commercial RPA (drone) operator to legally shoot video in the confines of the harbour.

With this beautiful weather around at the moment we are heading to a Golf course in the coming weeks to get some amazing still and green footage, but that’s the extent of the time out of the office at the moment.

Mid-Feb update

This month is flying past, with a shoot that took months to line up hampered by our strange summer weather; to a stroke of luck on a windless night, we have had a hectic month already.

The below imagery wasn’t meant for anything but the AVS ‘stock footage’ stockpile, it came up that good we thought how can we not share this around so we threw something together quickly (half an hour in the editing studio).

Additionally, you might look at this and say, hey, you can’t fly an RPA (drone) at night, isn’t that against the regulations?!

I can happily say that Aerial Visual Services now have CASA approval to complete operations at night and this is a video resulting from such approval! AVS can make your event pop to life, get in contact today!

Damn, it’s 2017 already!

The close of 2016 was freakishly busy for us @ AVS with a raft of projects to complete and a bunch of paperwork for 2017 operations finalised before we finally took a couple of weeks off for some R&R!

This year for Xmas we headed north along the WA coastline to #Kalbarri and aside from blistering winds for the week we managed to get a little flying in for our own enjoyment (aside from the paperwork involved to get formal approval to fly in Kalbarri National park, that was fun)!

We will add some of the still images to the Gallery, we have already had multiple canvas delivered and the results are amazing! The beast below is 1.6m wide compiled from 57 photos at sunrise.

If you want to purchase any of the pictures in the gallery, please get in contact. We now have access to high resolution photographic prints that includes framing in standard and custom sizes.

We have produced a quick 3 minute video (best watched in 4K/UHD) so you can also enjoy the blissful scenery in the #coralcoast area.


A shortened version has also been posted on the @australiascoralcoast Instagram page:

2017 is already looking busy and we are looking forward to the year ahead!


(Keep) Dancing for a Cure!

It’s been a busy few months here @ AVS and we have a couple of videos that have been put together for the Children’s Leukaemia & Cancer Research Foundation.

Round one was supplied by the Boys @ the Perth Demons Football club, this rowdy lot kept us entertained and the resulting video really showed the characters dancing it up!

Then only a couple of weeks ago we had the pleasure of meeting Finlay and his parents whilst shooting another video for the upcoming Dance for a Cure event.

It was overwhelming to see how such an innocent life can be struck by such a horrible disease yet be so positive at the same time.

If you can’t be a part of it, please feel free to donate.

School Excursions..

We recently did some work with Mary Mackillop Catholic Community Primary School to create a video with a difference.

The students contacted the artists ‘OK GO’ to get permission to use one of their songs, and  one the of teachers John Croxford came up with the grand plan of a school run through followed by all the children gathering on the oval to spell out the initials of the school.

The resulting video is below.

Filmed with the Inspire Pro + X5 in 4K, a combination of the 15mm and 14-42 lens to get closer look shots of the children and some ‘Ken Burns’ style editing to really get up close and personal.

Dance for a Cure 2016

As part of our civic duties for humanity, AVS are donating our time and expertise to the Children’s Leukaemia & Cancer Research Foundation (CLCRF).

We are proud to be part of the team and we are currently working on something a little special to help the cause!

Please, have a read, go to the website, sign up, donate, be part of something bigger than yourself!

Join us on Sunday 30 October at 10:30am as we Dance for A Cure!

Hundreds of families from across Perth will come together in Forrest Place in the City of Perth to perform a choreographed dance to help raise awareness for the Children’s Leukaemia & Cancer Research Foundation (CLCRF).

We strongly encourage you to register to be a part of this great event, so follow the steps below to select your t-shirt size and sign up when registrations open on 1 August!

Lauchlan Bain, an independent Perth choreographer, has taken on the challenge of choreographing the 2016 event, creating all of the dance moves for the general public. We think you’ll really love this year’s song, “Better When I’m Dancing” by Meghan Trainor! It’s high energy and fun for everyone.

A filmed version of the choreography can be found here on this website for you to learn before the big day and there will also be two rehearsal days to be held on Sunday 16 October from 10am – 12pm and Sunday 23 October from 10am – 12pm. Those registered to dance must attend at least one of these rehearsal days to be eligible to dance on 30 October. Rehearsal location to be advised closer to the date via email. It is also at these rehearsals that you will also be able to collect your brand new Dance for a Cure t-shirt ready for the big day.

So scroll down and click register, and help us raise funds and awareness for childhood cancer research. Oh and don’t forget to share this event with all of your friends and get them to register too! Thanks for your support.


Facebook Event



Spectacular Canvas!

120 by 40

Here at AVS, we have been getting so many requests to put our pictures onto canvas that we have officially added our Canvas page!

There are a few examples of the options available that we can offer along with extremely awesome pricing!

If you see any images that you would like put to print contact us! Our gallery is growing on a weekly basis.

For something more personal we can commision a professional aerial shoot of your own request and package the aerial photography and canvas together at an extremely competitive package.

canvas packages